• Brixton Photoshoot

    Brixton Photoshoot

    Today we're bringing you to Brixton, the famous london district also nicknamed "Brtiain's little Jamaïca". An amazing market, a vibrant music scene; what's better than this multicultural district for a photoshoot?

    We have selected two different looks articulated around the Denim style harem pants - Low crotch, one in navy blue, and the other one in black, for a loose and unconstrained but still sylish look.

  • Forgotten Tribes - Harem pants - Wide pleat midi skirt - Lightweight sheer sleeveless top

    Japan Photoshoot 2018

    This week, we're bringing you to Japan, land of the rising sun, blending seamlessly tradition and modernity. One of the most beautiful place on earth to display our Urban range!
  • Malaysia Photoshoot 2018

    Malaysia Photoshoot 2018

    A few pictures from our photoshoot in Malaysia in February 2018. Some products from our new range and a few classic ones. Enjoy! Wide leg harem pants with giant pockets           Tropical flowers palazzo pants Lightweight...

  • How to wear harem pants

    Lighten up your wardrobe with harem pants: Our guide on how to wear harem pants

    Few garments are more comfortable to wear than harem pants, making them the perfect choice for a yoga session or relaxing evening at home. However, whilst harem pants are cosy and practical, they’re also a serious fashion statement, providing you...

  • Paisley – From Ancient Persia to Modern Fashion

    Paisley – From Ancient Persia to Modern Fashion

      What comes to mind when you think of paisley fabric? For some, it’s the intricate designs of the 19th century, favoured in fashionable scarfs and shawls. Others immediately think of the swinging sixties, with psychedelic colour-palettes and bold, beautiful...