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    Fashion always looks better when you see the bigger picture.

    Our range of garments take inspiration from fabrics, patterns and styles around the world – and make global fashion accessible to everyone.

    Exploring Fashion

    Every garment has a story to tell. Ours come from the heart of Asia, South America and many more locations across the globe. They feature designs that date back centuries; with meaning woven into every stitch, and tales narrated in intricate patterns.

    They’re also comfortable, wearable and designed to make you look and feel good. Wear stylish clothing that has a history – with a colourful, fashion-forward ethos.  

    Ethical Clothing

    We never put profit before people. Our clothing supports local artisans and seeks to promote their unique, remarkable culture.

    Forgotten Tribes are also dedicated to the environment – and use upcycled, indigenous fabrics wherever possible. Our manufacturing processes focus on reducing pollution, and we believe in slow fashion; making garments that you’ll buy once, then wear time and time again.

    Celebrating Colour, Culture and Style

    Our manifesto? Fashion should be stylish, but it should also be something to fall in love with. Forgotten Tribes’ clothing is inspired by some of the world’s most incredible culture, with a stylish modern twist.

    It’s fashion at its most inspirational – and its most wearable.


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