How to wear harem pants

Lighten up your wardrobe with harem pants: Our guide on how to wear harem pants

Few garments are more comfortable to wear than harem pants, making them the perfect choice for a yoga session or relaxing evening at home. However, whilst harem pants are cosy and practical, they’re also a serious fashion statement, providing you know what to wear them with.

If you’d like to make your harem pants the star of your autumn wardrobe, here are some top styling tips from our design team:


Tip One – Shorter Top, Exposed Waistline

Worried that you’ll look swamped by your harem pants? By revealing a hint of waist, you’ll give instant definition to your silhouette. A slightly cropped top creates a laid-back daytime look, especially if you choose cosy woollen knits or darker colours. Alternatively, if you’re feeling bold, wear a higher cut top and show off your abs – this look works great when teamed up with a cardigan, or a cropped denim or leather jacket.

This knitted top highlights the waist, without taking attention away from the fabulous trousers.


Tip Two – Muted Colours, Simple Designs

You may well love that t-shirt with the purple paisley pattern, but it probably isn’t the best choice for wearing with your harem pants. If you choose a top with a distinctive pattern or colour palette, then you run the risk of your outfit being too visually overpowering. Monochromatic tops will ensure your harem pants take centre stage, and tighter, waist-accentuating tops help to balance out the bagginess of the trousers.


Tip Three – Add Androgyny with Chunky Boots

The androgynous look is all over the catwalk at present, and harem pants are ideal if you want to rock this style to the max. Chunky boots such as lace-up Dr Martens look amazing with baggy-cut harem pants, particularly in darker colours like black or brown. To work the masculine vibe, tuck the bottom of the pants into your shoes, and team up with a black top.


If you’d prefer something more feminine, choose a harem pant with a pattern, and team up with a slimmer, heeled pair of boots.

Tip Four – Wear it Your Way

The best thing about harem pants is that they’re designed to work with your own personal style. Go colourful or patterned for a bohemian, 1960s look, or choose a monochromatic pair for a more urban twist. They can be teamed up with a variety of accessories, from headscarves and cardigans, to sports tops and tracksuit jackets. Harem pants are also great for evenings out, and look beautiful when worn with ethnic jewellery.


In short, harem pants are one of the most versatile items you can have in your wardrobe, and like the faithful ‘little black dress’, they can be styled in several different ways, depending on your mood. Have fun experimenting!

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